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June 04, 2007



Two astronauts from the US shuttle Endeavour successfully completed a fifth and

final spacewalk of their mission late Saturday, stepping into the void to attach a

50-foot sensory boom to the outside of the International Space Station.
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x-ray fluorescence

NASA's warning that we've had the last chance to affect a change in our runaway destructive global warming is nonsense. We have many more warnings. Let's use them all up and see what happens!

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If global emissions of carbon dioxide continue to rise at the rate of the past decade, this research shows that there will be disastrous effects, including increasingly rapid sea level rise, increased frequency of droughts and floods, and increased stress on wildlife and plants due to rapidly shifting climate zones

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Tipping points can occur during climate change when the climate reaches a state such that strong amplifying feedbacks are activated by only moderate additional warming.

vibram five fingers

a combination of climate models, satellite data, and data from ancient polar ice, scientists conclude that the West Antarctic ice sheet

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