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May 21, 2007


the inventor

Dear Fellow Scientist,

NASA's rocket technology not for real space exploration but here is one.

Sir, don't be dismayed to see how little information there is on the internet. Despite that, I hope you totally understand my need for anonymity. Assuming that the technology is as effective as I say it is, releasing it to the public in all its splendor could make the world think that a) I am off my rocker, b) that I'm completely wrong or c) just some sci-fi aficionado who's gone a bit too far.

Sad state of affairs, but hey, that's the price of true innovation right?



The Inventor

vibram five fingers

However, I have found this is an illusion. One can never prepare a system in a state of negative probability.

vibram five fingers

there are no experiments, this field is not an active one, so few of the best men are doing work in it.

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