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June 06, 2007


Allan Freeman

For the most part, the comments regarding MRAP are correct except that the new MaxxPro has no track record in combat. It has only recently passed IED testing at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds and those tests resulted in the recent 1,200 vehicle order. The gold standard in the MRAP vehicle field has been and remains Force Protection's Buffalo and especially the Cougar. Hundreds of real combat IED tests later, no Marine has died while inside the protective hull of a Cougar or Buffalo. Don't know if I want to be the first Marine testing an uproven MaxxPro MRAP outside the wire in Anbar that is the result of a rush to get anything with a V shaped body that rolls on 4 wheels into the fight. But then again anything has to be better than the Humvees and even the Strykers it now seems.

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