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June 05, 2007



I think this is a important post.

The rise of China to a super power is going to be one of the most important foreign policy concerns for this century. How to manage this rise in a peaceful fashion should be a extremely high priority forgien policy concern.

A key to this policy is a strong alliance with Japan and the sale of F-22 to Japan, may cement that relationship for 20 years.

Technological concerns are important and legitimate concerns should be addressed, but they need to be kept in prospective and this posting is a step in the direction of doing that.

Big Rocket

Japan has leaked classified US military technology in the very recent past on two separate occasions [1]. One had to do with a sea-based missile defense system, and the other concerned the Aegis weapon system. Given Japan's propensity for technology leaks, it would be foolish for the US to export the F-22 to Japan, and hand over top-of-the-line US military technology, which was developed at great expense to the US taxpayers. If F-22 technology falls into the wrong hands, it would pose a grave risk to US national security.

I agree with you China is, or will soon become, a military threat. I also agree with you Japan, as an ally of the US, should be adequately protected from China's regional ambitions. Which is why Pentagon officials have proposed to Japan to join the JSF fighter program [2]. Japanese national security should not come at the expense of US national security.

[1] http://aviationweek.typepad.com/ares/2007/05/loose_lips_sink.html
[2] http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18664226/

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