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May 14, 2007


Big D

Didn't we go through this a couple of years ago when the Stryker was first sent to Iraq? Critics issued press releases left and right, telling us how troops were being slaughtered in them.

Then, it turned out that Strykers were eating up to a dozen RPGs (thanks to the bolt-on slat armor) with no casualties inside. The critics quietly melted away.

Now, it's the same old song. Once before, I was skeptical of the Styker, but at this point, I'd like to see some solid evidence that they are dying to weapons that would *not* kill something else. EFPs and triple-155 IEDs will go through a M-1 if they hit it right.


Again this post highlights the need rethink basic military vehicle design all the way from the Abrams Tank to the truck that hauls cargo.

The nature of the warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan has lent itself to the use IED's or mine as a effective method to Kill or wound US soldiers.

No vehicle can withstand a big enough mine, but we can design our vehicles using passive design features, highlighted by MRAP vehicles to enhance the vehicles and soldiers survivability.



the question isn't whether they are being destroyed, it's "are they protecting the occupants"

if five strykers get destroyed and there are zero serious casualties, then that is definitely a success

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