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May 18, 2007


Big D

I wish they had picked another name... most googles turn up the Israeli Spike, which is unrelated.


can you clear up some of the confusion on this article?I've found an article on military.com about this and it says It's the same system as the Israeli Spike.


Tamir Eshel

The Israeli Spike, developed by RAFAEL, is optically guided via an optical-fiber. The laser guided Spike, developed by DRS under a US Navy program, homes in on a laser spot, marked by a designator, similar to the guidance of laser guided Hellfire or Paveway laser guided bomb. Read more on both 'Spikes' and other UAV weapons at the link:

or more on the laser guided Spike, at the following Defense-Update page:


Sean Meade

thanks for the comment, Tamir. very helpful

dave fulghum

Tamir, a very plugged in Israeli defense writer and friend, is absolutely correct. The Israeli Spike is much larger and more sophisticated. The U.S. Spike is small and cheap and aimed at putting weapons on smaller UAVs.


can you give more datasheet about spike?

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