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May 25, 2007



I luv your articles (in general)...they're very informative and provide needed perspective on today defense trends. However this is a very misleading and dare I say it "twisted" misrepresentation of facts. Manitowoc is rightfully proud of their crane business and their marine subsidiary appear to be just a bit player in their portfolio...and that was just from a cursory glance at their website!...http://www.manitowoc.com/
You guys are better than this!

Sean Meade


thanks for your comment.

i fail to see how we've erred. we focus on defense technology. Manitowoc has a significant part in LCS. many companies would trumpet such involvement. but it's less important to them. no slight was intended.

part of the story here is that, with LCS taking on water, many companies are conducting damage control. it's a good thing for Manitowoc that this part of their business is not critical to their bottom line.

i apologize if we did not clearly communicate what we intended.


Well said Sean! My ego will not permit me the luxury of an apology so I'll just state for the record that I "did not read your article with the depth of understanding necessary to appreciate your work."

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