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May 04, 2007


Mike Harbour


To clarify, MRAP is a program, not a vehicle. It actually consists of two vehicles, the Category I Mine Resistant Utility Vehicle (MRUV), intended for urban operations, and it's bigger brother, the Category II Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal Rapid Response Vehicle (JERRV). The MRAP program is a joint acquisition between the Marine Corps and the U.S. Army.

Mike Harbour
Freelance writer

Sean Meade

thanks for the clarification, Mike :-)

Mr. Zippy

Well Mike, since you thought it so important to correct Catherine, I thought I might help you out a bit...

First off, MRAP stands for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected. So yes, a 4x4 Cougar, built by Force Protection, Inc, is in fact an MRAP as are the 6x6 Cougars.

Secondly, you were only 66% in your statement. The MRAP program consists of three (3) categories, not two (2).

You correctly stated what CAT I and CAT II vehicles are, but you failed to mention CAT III's which are Buffalo (this portion of the procurement is sole-sourced to Force Protection, Inc. as seen on the video that Catherine provided.

If you are interested in the company or the vehicles they are producing, I invite you to go to www.investorsvillage.com - enter FPRT and ask someone to point you to ALL of the due-diligence on the company. There are over 1,000 people per day visiting and posting insightful information on FPI.

Warmest regards,

Mr. Zippy

Mike Harbour


Easy, now! I wasn't trying to correct her (after all, I'm not paid to cover the defense industry for a living, so my knowledge of it is scant, at best, by comparison). My only goal was to clarify things a bit. I didn't mention the Category III machines because I didn't know about them, as my source material didn't mention that particular classification. I was aware of the Buffalo, but I didn't realize it was in a "class" of its own. Thanks for acknowledging I was at least "66% (correct)," at least!

Mike Harbour
Freelance writer

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