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May 03, 2007



Airlift confusion is right and I will admit to being a little confused on the issue myself. Your article does put that confusion in perspective.

As your article points out there really is no easy choice as to who the winner should be.

Is there any way to determined what the costs are with each plane to move cargo on a ton or per hundred ton basis ?

Many times especially with military issues other considerations are more important, but still it is nice to have an idea how much those other considerations are costing the taxpayer.


The speculation on Joint Cargo Aircraft from the DEW Line http://thedewline.typepad.com/stephen_trimble/2007/06/my_wildly_irres.html#comments

seems to contradict
the speculation in this DTI article
as to which branch of the the service wants which aircraft.

DTI gives rational motives as to why each service favors a particular aircraft and the DEW Line takes a more Machiavellian approach,
of course we will never know which branch of the service favored which aircraft, but soon the aircraft will be picked.

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