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April 20, 2007



"And, at the end of it, the A-10 will be survivable - until there actually is a MiG 10 miles away."

The A-10 was no more meant to tangle with Mig's than the Abrams tank was meant to deal with a Soviet missile frigate.

The A-10 has an important role, being a flying gun platform to support ground forces. Reportedly, just 2 A-10's back in the 1980's broke the back of the FMLN "final offensive" in El Salvador in support of Salvadoran Army defenders and their American advisers. Given both political and tech constraints, I doubt that role could have been replicated at the time by B-52's or fighter-bombers.

John F. MacMichael

Zenpundit, I have never heard before of our using A-10s in the war in El Salvador. Do you have a source/references on this, please?


Hi John,

I believe it was an episode of Frontline on PBS but I shall check; as I recall this was a covert, not overt, use of military assets.

John F. MacMichael

Zenpundit, thank you for your reply. I have to say that I am skeptical about this story. If A-10s were used to provide close air support for the Salvadoran army, how could it be done covertly? I would think that the FMNL guerrillas would have recognized the A-10. Their obvious counter would be political and propaganda. Their allies in DC would have been screaming their heads off about "ESCALATION! WAR CRIMES!".

Also, I tend not to regard PBS as a rock solid source on matters military.

Of course, I could be wrong.

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