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April 20, 2007


Michael DeKort

Actually the maritime failures are beyond the 123s. The FRC-A was paused due to hull design problems, the NSC has cracks and the SRPs are being bought directly from the vendor - not ICGS- due to their mark up being excessive.

Again - had the 123s or NSCs not cracked every maritme asset delivered over the life of the DW contract would not have been able to survive the elements and would have compromised national security due to faulty communications security. Te data on the NSC and FRC C4ISR design flaws in this area will come out soon. (As will data that will show that the CGs TEMPEST inspector granted waivers he shouldn't have and approved the CG to operate those systems (ATO) without he himself being qualified/certified to do so. He is not a certified CTTA. As such the waivers and ATO are null and void. I wonder who in the CG and LM knew that?

Lastly - I hear there are problems with a certain aircraft from Spain?

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