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January 22, 2007



The one thing you forget, or don't address, is time on station. With this push for a truly "expeditionary" military, I'll bet time-on-station, and availability between refits and repairs are driving this, particularly as our entire stock of active military hardware is being worked hard in the GWoT.


The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) actually has VLS(Dwarf) in the form of NLOS launchers from the Army FCS.
I recall seeing a 3 pack of launchers (3 x 15 PAM/LAM = 45 missiles) listed in one LCS modular configuration. Based on the LCS modular concept, the load-out of these is one of the dial-a-mission optional capabilities. I would expect when further threat analysis are accomplished, a need for a SAM in-a-box will evolve - STINGER type missile? A repackage of the AVENGER launch boxes may be the simplest solution.


More firepower packed in smaller ships is not necessarily good if an enemy employs nuclear weaponry, which is increasingly more likely in an all out future war. Greater numbers of smaller VLS craft with an emphasis on speed and submersablity would be more logical. Just as with the Dreadnoughts of the past, large capital ships, though nice in a conventional war, are now merely targets for sophisticated, lower cost, weapons.

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