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Friday, March 30, 2007



All I see here is a discussion of airports trying to grab more money from passengers. Where is the discussion of what passengers get from the extra money we will be asked to spend on each ticket? At least there is a cap. I can't begin to imagine what the PFC charges per segment would be if the cap were removed. Don't make this a money grab like the outrageous convention center and stadium taxes I've encountered.

Benet Wilson

Dear Anon: while I understand your point, where else are airports going to get the money? Airports were hit with federal mandates by Congress after 9/11 that weren't funded. Seen those big ugly baggage screening systems in the lobby of your local airport? They're there because airports were told to comply the best way they could and except for 9, told to find the money to pay for it. And the airlines are all financially struggling, so they aren't going to give airports any more money than is possibly necessary. People spend more and more time in airports and they want nice facilities, shopping, eating, wifi, etc. The money has to come from somewhere. Do you have any suggestions where?

Chris T

Most large airports are operated, controlled and funded by the cities they serve, such as LAX. Too often these cities see the airports as a source of income only and will spend the absolute minimum necessary on structural upkeep and improvements. LAX is a grand example of this. If airports want revenue it seems they would be eagerly adding new concessions and retail that the passengers have come to expect and WILL use (if you build it they will come). We pay a TSA charge for each flight as well as up to 4 hits for PFCs on multi-leg flights so everybody is getting a piece of the pie. Each individual charge is a small amount but as fares go up it becomes a big impact on shorter flights. As a passenger I am already paying (via airfare) for landing fees, terminal rents, etc. through the airline so this just becomes a legitimized end run like cities in Florida who override the property tax cap by now charging separate "fees" for items previously included in the property taxes. Finally, PFCs should never be used to build garages, garages should pay for themselves at the high rates they charge at most airports. They should let concessionaires pay to build the garages and charge accordingly to fund and maintain them. The problem is that airports depend on the inflated parking rates to fund other airport or city revenue shortages. Its all a big shell game with our money.

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