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Monday, March 26, 2007



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If you can not trust an Airport Director or an Airport Ramp Supervisor to the extent where you must partially strip them before allowing them to proceed to the ramp and do their jobs, than you surely can not trust a US Customs agent who is paid a fraction of the amount with the same security background check.its true if your sure and doesn't have trust its better to take action earlier than nothing..great article,thanks for sharing this..will credit.


I work and enter through the terminal c security entrance...Consider we all went through extensive background checks before getting hired where a customer has not...

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I hope you TSA turds get what is coming to you.

TSA agents are not federal law enforcement. They have no more arrest powers or detainment powers than the postman.

Soon people are going to fight back.

Real soon.


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Security is very necessary to securing people and resources at airport, it is first choice of terrorist to attack on airports, in this blog post you give detailed information about securing our resources.

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