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Monday, October 23, 2006


The CF

I definitely have to argue with you on a couple of these:

*Dulles - Come on, that airport is great as long as you don't have to fly on the largest carrier there. I love the main building and the B concourse is fine as well. But C/D is horrendous, and that's where all UA flights go. That mobile lounge is slow and painful, but it will be better once it's replaced.

*Vegas - I hate this airport. Usually, I spend most of my time there on a Sunday after a long weekend of having too much fun. The ringing of the slot machines is enough to drive you crazy. The old A/B concourses are dark and dingy, but at least the security lines aren't bad. Leave those for the Southwest C gates. D is really nice, but that's one long tram ride that I'd rather not have.

*San Francisco - I'll give you this one on the terminal side, but as soon as the fog rolls in, you may be stuck there for awhile. I guess that has nothing to do with amenities in the terminal, but it definitely impacts how you feel about the place.

*Keflavik - I actually liked this airport a lot as well, but I think your post is biased on this one. You could drop me off in the middle of JFK after flying all day on a Saab and I'd think it was the best airport ever.

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