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June 08, 2007


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how interesting, as many mainstream businesses have successfully implemented RFID technology and now the airlines.


how interesting, as many mainstream businesses have successfully implemented RFID technology and now the airlines.

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Where can I find a list of street names in Shanghai, China that can be
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The information, that you have provided on the 'RFID with Boeing & Airbus' is totally make sense to us. It was really very interesting to read "Airbus and Boeing have again decided to join forces in reaching out to their suppliers to encourage the use of RFID technology where appropriate.."
I have gone through many blogs, sites and forums which been providing great knowledge about the same, as like recently i was reading something about RFID on http://www.mobilemark.com/rfid-manufacturer-in-the-us.htm , the information that shared here is also great.
I appreciate your effort for supply this type of vital information and sure I'll come again across your blog when you will share something new. Now I am going to bookmark your URL.


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RFID is such a great technology, I would think all airlines must implement this in there systems. I would think soon this would be industry standard, a lot of European terminals are upgrading to RFID.

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Thank you! I didn't know they picked up on it until I saw your comment.

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Hi, thank you for sharing this great info. Was just browsing through the net in my office and happened upon your blog. It is really very well written and quit comprehensive in explaining with a very simple language.

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RFID could also be used to track special tools from shop to shop. It is great technology and can easily be adapted to many situations. I just wonder what the cost would be for a smaller operation like mine.

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