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March 21, 2007



It seem to me their should be some technological sharing between the Coast Guard's Deep Water Program and the Navy's Littoral Combat Ship Program. The same companies are involved in each program. I hope design lessons learned are filtering into both programs. Of course they have different missions but areas of operation are similar.

David Axe


Actually, there is tech sharing between Deepwater and LCS, especially on command and control, since much of the C2 for both programs is developed at a Lockheed facility in New Jersey.

Mike Harbour


Actually, the first HC-144A was delivered to USCG on 21 December 2006 at Elizabeth City, N.C. Otherwise, pretty good piece.

Mike Harbour
Contributor, Flight Journal

Joe Katzman

I believe DeKort said the command, control & communications systems had serious security flaws that could jeopardize the networks connected to them....

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